• 1. If a ball is hit OB, there is a 1 stroke penalty and you can play the ball anywhere in the line of flight from the original position to where the ball went OB.
  • 2. You may improve your lie with the club head in the fairway or rough. The ball is not to be moved in a sand trap or other designated hazard.
  • 3. The maximum score on any hole is three(3) over par. Maximum on par 3 is 6,4 is 7 and 5 is 8.
  • 4. Please limit your search for a missing ball to 5 minutes or less. We do play drop zones on the water holes. #5 is to the left of the lake and behind the sand trap. #12 is on the other side of the lake short of the cart path. #15 is ahead and to the left of the ladies tee. All other rules of Tara Hills and golf apply.
  • 5. We play from the white tees. Persons 70 and over or 65 and over with at least a 13 handicap may choose to play from the Senior Tees. If you elect to do so, you must play the Senior Tees all year. If you elect not to play Senior Tees that is also for the entire season.
  • 6. For new players or subs: your handicap will be established the first night of play at 90% of the difference between your score and par (35 at Tara Hills). The computer will pick up your handicap after 3 nights of play.
  • 7. For opponents playing with extreme differences in handicap: Only 1 stroke per hole is given to determine the winner of the hole. However, the total difference is given to determine total.
  • 8. No-Shows - The single player will play against the member of the opposing team with the closest handicap to the player for the individual points. Team points will go to the full team.